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I still can’t believe that an ex-boyfriend of a Patterson, CA Woman would take her 4year old boy and drown him. That’s very sad! I mean what kind of person would do that? but again there is a lot of Evil people out there in the world today that would do something crazy like that. 

When I 1st heard about a search for a 4-year-old boy who was abducted from Stanislaus County Juliani Cardenas, of Patterson, was taken by 27-year-old Jose Rodriguez and when I saw Juliani’s mother begging for Juliani’s Return I thought she would see her son again but when they found that car in the Central California canal then I started praying to God that Juliani wasn’t in that car..

When I heard they found Juliani’s body My Heart just drop to the floor I couldn’t I still can’t believe somebody would take and do that to a handsome young boy over some dumb shit!

I hope they do get that son of a bitch Jose Rodriguez…

I wonder what was going thru his mind when he was doing that to Juliani? or what made him think he should take him? oh well we will never know.

Rest In Peace Juliani Cardenas. You’re with God & His Angels Now…watch over your mother and family

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